A Couple Of Restaurants And Places Of Interest To Visit While In Boulder CO

Boulder is one of the best cities in which to live in the state of Colorado, and it is also one of the best cities to visit. You are going to get some great views of the Rocky Mountains when you are in Boulder. Technically, Boulder is a home rule municipality and not a city, but it is also the 11th most populated area of Colorado. Let’s look at two top places of interest and two popular restaurants to visit while you are in Boulder CO.

Chautauqua Park is a great place to get started in terms of things to do in terms of Boulder CO. The park is located at 900 Baseline Road, and it is known for its gorgeous views, hiking trails and cottages, to name a few things. There is also a general store and a dining hall. Reviews mention that it is neat to make reservations with the dining hall because you get to learn about why the park was built on top of enjoying a great meal.

Eldorado Canyon is a place of interest you will want to visit as well. It is a state park, and some of the points of interest include Fowler Trail, Rattlesnake Gulch and Crags Hotel. Some of the terrain is said to be a little rough, but the entire state park is one big adventure. You will see rock climbers there. I’m all for nature trails and the likes, but I don’t think rock climbing is a little over the top for me. There is something for everyone at Eldorado Canyon, and it sounds like a nice place to have a picnic, too.

One of the best restaurants in Boulder to enjoy is a place called The Kitchen. The Kitchen is located at 1039 Pearl Street, and it is known for its fresh organic foods. Lamb burgers are one of the menu highlights, and another interesting choice is the sticky toffee pudding. The menu is said to be one that can suit everyone.

Buff Restaurant is located at 2600 Canyon Boulevard. It is known for its home style cooking and large portions. Now that’s what I’m talking about. There you have it, two popular restaurants and two great places of interest to visit. Those four places will give you a great taste of Boulder CO, whether you are a new local or just visiting the area on vacation.